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What you need to know for the Packet 11 test:
Prentice Hall Review Book pages 71-86 (all information)
Textbook-You should refer to chapters 15, 16 and 17, however, you
are not responsible for all information. You should have a clear
understanding of:
Definition of evolution and why it’s important
Darwin and his travels to the Galapagos islands
Lamarck’s Theory of evolution
Evolution by Natural Selection
o Struggle for existence
o Survival of the fittest
o Overproduction
o Variations
 Evidence for evolution
o Comparative anatomy
o Comparative biochemistry
o Comparative embryology
o Fossils
 Sources of genetic variation
o Mutations
o Meiosis
o Genetic recombination
 Speciation
o Geographic isolation
o Reproductive isolation
 Fossils
o How they are used