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Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologias do Mar
English IV
Incredible Índia
Turism Marketing – 2º year
UC: Introdução ao Turismo – 2º
Teacher: Ana Pires
Students: Andreia Vaz; Ana Silva
and Denise Fernandes
 India is located in south-central Asia;
 Has 23 official languages, the two major English and Hindi;
 The official currency is the Rupee India;
 Is the second most populous country and the most populous
democracy in the world.
This wonderful country a countless number of
attractions to offer its visitors
Temple Khajuraho
The largest Hindu temple in the
Temple Bahá
Golden Temple of Amrist
Fauna and Flora
Target market
Executive luxury
Objectives of the campaign:
 This campaign aims to prove that India is not only a destination for
recreational tourism and cultural but also a luxury destination for
 We intend to attract top executives and large corporations to conduct
meetings, and conferences in India, while trying to be interested by
offering recreational and cultural tourism.
Communication channels and promotional
 Economic newspapers and magazines (both print
and the online) to put ads;
 Send out invitations with special discounts for
 "Luxury tourism with the facilities of the
western world and with the vibrations of
ancient India.“
 "Inspire your business with the exoticism of
India ..."