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Hotel Piazza Biwako ---------
Toji-Temple -----
Sanjusangen-do Temple -----
Yasaka-jinja Shrine
Shinkyogoku-dori Street -----
Hotel Piazza Biwako
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World Heritage Site ”Toji-Temple“
The 5-story 57 meter high pagoda has long served as a city landmark and a
center for spiritual and vibrant community life.
To fulfill an Imperial decree to protect the city, To-ji temple was built in 794. In
823 it changed hands from the emperor to the Shingon sect of Buddhism's
originator, Kobo Daishi. The lecture hall contains 21 striking mandala images
which encode Shingon teachings, while the main hall of the temple contains a
blend of Chinese, Indian, and Japanese architectural styles, as well as statues
of healing Buddhas.
❃ Sanjusangen-do Temple
This temple is a national treasure with 1,030 standing Buddhist
statues in its main hall. The principal image, a seated Thousandhanded Kannon, was carved by Tankei. All the Kannon and its 28
followers are designated National Treasures. The 1,001 smaller
images are Important Cultural Properties. The temple takes its name
from the 33 spaces between pillars in front of the main altar. In
Buddhism, the number “33” is of symbolic importance, because the
bodhisattava Kannon incarnates in 33 different shapes in its missions
of mercy.
Yasaka-jinja Shrine
One of the sponsors of the Gion Festival, the Yasaka Shrine is beloved by
locals. It attracts many visitors throughout the year, especially during the
Gion Festival in July, but also on New Year's Eve, as well as during the
spring (for cherry blossom viewing) and the autumn (for fall colours).
Shinkyogoku-dori Street
This shopping district consisting of numerous gift shops extends from
Sanjo-dori Street to Shijo-dori Street. It is famous as a Mecca among
student travelers. Although it is a downtown district, there are
numerous temples here, including Myoshin - ji Temple and Anyo - ji
Temple - for a feeling of the true Kyoto.