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Greek Architecture
Greek Architecture Video
The Parthenon was
constructed between 447-432
It was made to be the center
of the acropolis, which was
the center of the city-state on
top of mountain or hill.
This temple was made to
honor the goddess Athena
and to shelter statues of her
It cost 469 talents to build, to
put it in perspective it cost 1
talent to make their warships
The Erechtheion was built in 421406 BCE to replace an older
temple that was destroyed
It was named after a mythical
Athenian king
The odd shape of this monument
was due to the eastern side was
dedicated the acropolis
While the western side served as
a place of worship for a Poseidon
It also severed as a grave site
Temple of Athena Nike
 The original was destroyed
in 480 BCE and was not
rebuilt until 435 BCE
 This is the first building that
greets visitors to Athens
 This was built to honor the
goddess Athena, though it is
much smaller than other
temples of this time
 It’s dimensions were smaller
than the traditional 9:1,
instead it was 7:1
Temple of Delphi
Delphi was a main
destination for the people of
Greece because of the oracle
that was located
This temple was dedicated to
the god Apollo
The design for this temple was
done by multiple men across
Greece because it was
destroyed four different tomes
due to different factors
The main feature of this
temple was the columns that
surrounded it