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By Eleanor Joyce
City of Salem Schools
The Taj Mahal
Angkor Wat is a Hindu Temple built to the God Vishnu in the 1100s. This
temple was discovered in the Cambodian rain forest. The carvings are
extremely ornate.
In order to climb to the top of
the temple, one must climb
these very steep (70° incline)
The Great Wall of China was built to keep out
In Asia, many people live on the water. Pictured below is a floating
A Pagoda
This is typical of the
architecture seen in
Terraced farming in Asia.
Because of this process
of shaping the land,
there is an abundance of
farm land in the region.
Planting rice in a terraced rice field.
Temple in Asia
Religious Temple
A religious
shrine in an
What sign of
globalization do
you see in the
Today, China's half-a-million square kilometer Loess plateau is
very favorable for farms and grazing if the rainfall is enough,
Nearly the whole Loess Plateau is being exploited by agriculture
and it has about one-fifth of China's tillable land and supports
more than one-fifth of its population.
Blowing sand
from the Sahara
Desert creates
loess landforms in
Chinese silk rug
Batik fabric is made in India
A character or symbol representing an idea or a thing
without expressing the pronunciation. A stop sign is an
example of an ideogram.
Chinese calligraphy characters and
Many jewels are mined
in Asia. Sapphires
and rubies are found
in Southeast Asia