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Design Your Own Greek Temple
Your assignment is to design your own Doric temple. You should
decide how many columns will grace the façade of your temple
and design a program for the sculptural elements in the two
pediments, metopes, and interior frieze.
You should begin by doing research on a real Greek city or town
from this period and then choose an appropriate god to whom
the temple will be dedicated. After deciding the size of the temple,
you must use your knowledge of Greek mythology to pick
meaningful stories for the sculpture. The Parthenon is
dedicated to Athena, and the text also covers the Temple of Zeus
from Olympia, so try to pick other deities. Apollo, Ares,
Dionysus, Hephaestus, Artemis, Persephone, and even Hades are
possibilities. You may use the same mythology as your wiki
Make sure you provide illustrations or schematic diagrams
explaining which scenes will be used in which part of the temple.
Keep in mind I will not be grading on artistic ability but on ideas
and use of space. Pay close attention to the awkward triangular
space of the pediment, and how you use the continuous band of
the frieze. Use the handout on Greek temple architecture for
After you have designed your temples, write a description of how
the space was used, what religious ceremonies took place there
and at what times of year, and how these ceremonies were
carried out.
Due Monday October 19th.