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Study Guide Game
Your tables are your teams. Work together to get
the most points. Team with the most points gets
candy and as well as a fun way to study for our
celebration next class.
Question 1
A behavioral adaptation would be which of the following?
 a. A dog hair stands up when feeling threatened
 b. migrate
 c. collecting food for the winter
 d. both b and c
Question 2
A random change in a sequence of DNA is called a
A. Mutation
B. Variation
C. Adaptation
D. Gene
Question 3
A shark’s sharp teeth would be a(n) _______________.
 a. structural adaptation
 b. instinct
 c. behavior adaptation
 d. Hibernation
 When Bears prey on a fish, some fish are killed and some
escape. Which part of Darwin’s concept of natural
selection might be used to describe this situation?
 A Genetic Mutation
 B descent with modification
 C reproductive isolation
 D survival of the fittest
 Hawks, predators eat high percentages of light colored mice
in forests where there are dark leaves. Dark colored mice
are, therefore, better adapted to survive and reproduce. This
is an example
A. Natural Selection
B. Evolution
C. Mutations
D. Selective breeding
Question 6
 What is an example of competition?
 A. Food
 B. Finding a mate
 C. Water
 D. Shelter
 E. All the Above
 F. Only A and B
Question 7
Which of the following would be a reason animals migrate?
 a. warmer temperature
 b. better sources of food
 c. safe place to raise their young
 d. all of the above
Question 8
The bright colors of a male cardinal are a structural adaptation.
Which of the following would be the best reason a male
cardinal has bright colors?
 a. to scare predators
 b. to attract a female mate
 c. to attract predators
 d. to hide in the trees
Question 9
 Which of the following is not a type of adaptation?
 a. structural
 b. behavioral
 c. physiological
 d. astrological
Question 10
 The picture is an example of what type of mutation?
 A. substitution
 B. Deletion
 C. Insertion
 D. Mutation
Question 11
 Which is not one of the Natural Selection
A. Variation
B. Fitness
C. Genetic Basis
D. Mutation
E. Advantageous traits
Question 12
Dogs bark at strangers to protect themselves and their pack.
What kind of adaptation is barking?
 a. Structural
 b. Behavioral
 c. Physiological
 d. hibernation
Question 13
Define "mutation" and examples of factors that might cause a
Question 14
 ________ are mutations where extra base pairs are inserted
into a DNA strand.
A. Deletion
B. Mutation
C. Insertion
D. Substitution
Question 15
 Which of the following can a mutation cause?
1. Change in physical characteristic
2. Change in an organisms behavior
3. A change in the physiology of the animal
4. All of the above
Question 16
 Mutations can cause really noticeable changes in
A. True
B. False
Question 17
 Variation in a species is caused by what two things?
1. Sexual Reproduction and Mutation
2. Asexual Reproduction and Adaptation
3. Asexual Reproduction and Mutations
4. Sexual Reproduction and Adaptations
Question 18
 Mutations have what type of affects on organisms?
 A. Harmful
 B. Beneficial
 C. No Affects
 D. All the above
Question 19
 What factors must exist for organisms to engage in a
struggle for existence?
 A. overpopulation
 B. Shelter/ space
 C. Food/Resources
 D. All the above
 E. A or B only
Question 20
 Which of these could not occur if variation did not exist?
 A. Asexual Reproduction
 B. evolution
 C. DNA
 D. all of these
Question 21
 Any useful trait that increases an organism’s chance of
survival is a(an)
 A. Trait
 B. fitness
 C. adaptation
 D. variation
Question 22
 What is the definition of Selective Breeding?
Question 23
 When a small section of DNA is removed such as GCCTA
changed into GCA this known as what type of DNA
A. Deletion
B. Replication
C. Duplication
D. Sublimation
Question 24
 What type of adaptation is Venom in a snake?
 A. Behavioral
 B. Structural
 C. Physiological
 D. Adaptation
Bonus Round
You can bet your points and have a chance
to double your points or lose them all. Its
your team’s choice
 Identify and describe two sources of natural variation in
organisms and one sources of human influenced variation in