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Exam III
Physics 2220
Spring 2010
This is Exam III for PHYS 2220. There are five equally weighted questions. This exam is designed for
50 minutes, but you have no fixed time limit on this exam in the testing center. You may use a calculator,
your 3x5 prepared card, but no other materials are allowed. Please write your answers on the sheets
provided. Have fun!
Some useful constants:
N m2
T m
µ0 = 1.26 × 10−6
e = 1.60 × 10−19 C
�0 = 8.85 × 10−12
1. A wire is formed into a circle with radius 10 mm. A current flows through the wire and causes
a magnetic field of magnitude B at the center of the loop. If the wire is heated such that the
circumference of the loop expands by 10%, what does the magnitude of the magnetic field become
at the center of the loop? Write your answer in terms of the original magnetic field.