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CJ211 Unit 2 Seminar
Local, State, and Federal Agencies
Different levels of law enforcement
Each has specific tasks and goals
Department of Justice
Structure of Police Organizations
Mintzberg Model
Seminar Unit 2: Topics to Be
Local: City, Municipal, County
What are the tasks and goals of the
(Then county)
Chief of Police
Different Levels of Law
State Bureaus of Investigation (SBI)
 State Police
 Approx. 43% states use title State Police
 Approx. 43% states use either State or Highway
 Other entities at the State level also
State Agencies
Headed by the attorney general
 Official legal arm of the government
 Serve as this nation’s contact with the
International Criminal Police Organization
 Department of Homeland Security
 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
 Uniform Crime Report
 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and
Explosives (ATF)
 U.S. Marshal Service
Department Of Justice
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
 Internal Revenue Service
 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
 Other
 Also review Unit 2 ‘Take a Break’
Department of Justice
◦ Entities of two or more people
◦ Cooperate to accomplish an objective
Organization can be defined as arranging and utilizing
resources of personnel and material in such a way as
to attain specified objectives
 “The larger the agency, the greater the need for
specialization and the more vertical the organization
chart will be.” (Does everyone know what an
organization chart is?)
 Unity of Command and Span of Control
 Administrative Memorandums/directives, policies,
procedures, post orders, and other
Organizations and the Police
What does communication mean to you?
Communication is the primary problem in
administration and organizations
Encoding (symbols)-Transmission (something
another person can observe)-Medium (how the
message is conveyed)-Reception (message
received and interpreted)-Decoding (translate to
experiences)-Feedback (response back to sender
and identify what was interpreted)
What are some of the obstacles to
What is the grapevine?
What are some of the modes of communication?
Interpersonal role
◦ Includes figurehead, leadership, and liaison
◦ As figurehead, executive performs various
ceremonial functions
◦ Leadership function requires executive to
motivate and coordinate workers while
resolving different goals and needs
◦ As liaison, executive interacts with other
organizations and coordinates workflow
Mintzberg Model
2. Informational role
◦ Monitoring/inspecting and disseminating
 Make sure things are operating smoothly
 Get information to members of the department
◦ Spokesperson
 Getting information to the news media
Mintzberg Model
3. Decision-maker role
◦ Serves as entrepreneur
 Sell ideas to department
◦ Disturbance handler
 Disputes between staff members to handling riots and
◦ Resource allocator
 Be able to say no to subordinates
◦ Negotiator
 Resolve employee grievances
Mintzberg Model
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