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Thinking Critically
Chapter Six
Role of the Police
How important is discretion
in police work?
In your opinion, which function of
police work is most important?
Police Patrol
Which do you think is more effective,
preventive patrol or aggressive patrol?
What is the importance of
Geographic Information System (GIS)
crime mapping?
Police Functions
Do you think improvements in detective
work and criminal investigation will
significantly raise clearance rates
or lower the crime rate? Explain.
Does enforcing traffic laws also reduce
criminal activity? If so, in what way.
Drug Investigations
How important is crop eradication as a
drug enforcement strategy? Explain.
D.A.R.E. is the nation’s
largest and best known
substance abuse prevention program.
What effect has D.A.R.E. had on drug usage?
The War on Drugs
What are some of the criticisms
of the War on Drugs?
Community Policing
Can community policing reduce crime?
If so, in what way?
What factors are necessary to make
community policing successful?
What type of terrorism do you think poses
the greatest threat to the United States?
Which of America’s assets do you think
are most vulnerable to terrorist attacks,
and what do you think can be done
to better defend them?