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 During
World War I the United States needed
to enlarge and train its armed forces. All 1830 year old men could be eligible to be
 To
boost food
production to feed the
troops propaganda was
used to rally support.
“Food Will Win the
War!” claimed posters.
 Wheatless
Meatless Tuesday’s,
and Victory Gardens
were ideas put out by
this administration to
ration food.
 Disputes
over working hours, wages, and
banning strikes or layoffs during war were
settled by the government.
 Factories
were told to produce the needed
products in order to have the required
resources during WWI.
 American
were encouraged to
buy bonds which lent
the government
money to be paid
back at a later date.
 The
raised $21 billion with
these sales.
 Altogether
8-9 million people died during
World War I.
 November 11, 1918 Germany agreed to an
armistice; an agreement to stop fighting.
Germany must accept a plan for peace.
The German Emperor must give up power (abdicate).
 The
United States
was in the war for 18
 The
United States
lost about 100,000
A goal for lasting
Aimed to prevent future
international conflicts.
“Peace without Victory”
Some of Wilson’s 14 Points
Openness between countries
 Freedom of the seas
 Free trade
 Reduction of arms
 Self-Determination – the right for a
group of people to have their own
territory and government.
 League of Nations – a forum to
discuss problems.
Based on self-interest
and punishment.
Created by England and France at
the Paris Peace Conference
“The Big Four”
Woodrow Wilson of United States
 Lloyd George of England
 George Clemenceau of France
 Vittorio Orlando of Italy
Some terms of the treaty:
War Guilt Clause
 Military Clause
 Germany had to pay reparations;
payments for losses suffering during the
war ($300 billion)
This treaty was enforced and helped
paved the way to World War II.
Treaty of Versailles was
idea of the Fourteen
Points was rejected except for
the creation of the League of
United States was not
ready for world leadership so
they went back to
Americans disagreed on
the Treaty of Versailles so we
never joined the League of
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the Treaty
of Versailles
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of WWII?
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War I?