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Wilson Fights for Peace
Explain Wilson’s Fourteen Points
1. No secret treaties among nations
2. Freedom of the seas
3. Tariffs lowered or abolished to encourage trade
4. Arms reduction
5. Consider interests of colonial peoples
6-13. Boundary changes and self-determination of ethnic/national groups
14. Creation of a League of Nations
*Plan for peace – Prevent another war
What was the 14th point and why was it significant?
14th Point: Creation of a League of Nations
Importance: A way for nations to settle their
differences without having to go to war.
Why did the Allied leaders reject Wilson’s plan?
European leaders were angry over the war.
wanted to make Germany “pay.”
List 4 provisions of the Treaty of Versailles
War-Guilt clause (Germany take blame for the war)
Barred Germany from maintaining an army
Required Germany to return the region of Alsace-Lorraine to France
Required Germany to pay war reparations (damages) to the allies.
List 4 weaknesses of the Treaty of Versailles
1. Humiliated Germany
2. Set reparations that Germany could not pay
3. Ignored Russia
4. Stripped Germany of its colonies (difficult to pay)
Explain two reasons why people in the United States opposed the
Some thought it was too harsh – The economic consequences will pull
down all of Europe & impact the U.S.
Some thought it was a sell out to imperialism - Exchanged one set
of colonial rulers for another.
What was the main debate over the League of Nations?
Threatened U.S. foreign policy of isolationism.
Two Results of WWI in the United States
-Strengthened U.S. military and power of government
-Social change for women & African Americans (job opportunities,
migration, right to vote, etc.)
Two Results of WWI in Europe
-Massive loss of life
-Destruction of farms, towns, factories
-Communism established in Russia
-Political instability
Why was Adolf Hitler angry?
He wanted vengeance. Didn’t want
2 million Germans that died to have
died in vain.