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The Soviet Union
• Provisional
government was
***Communists /
Lenin and the Soviets
take power
***Russia withdraws
from WWI in 1917
***Sets the stage for
The Cold War
Lenin at the Second Congress of the Soviets, 1917
War’s End: The Armistice
***November 11,
***11th hour of the
11th day of the 11th
agreement to stop
***Peace negotiations
and treaty were
Crowds of people celebrating the armistice
Wilson’s “Fourteen Points”
Wilson and French President
Raymond Poincare in Paris
A sign in Paris reading “Long Live Wilson”
***Wilson’s 14 Points plan for a “peace without victory”
***European leaders only used some of the Fourteen
Points in the Versailles Treaty
Treaty of Versailles
***Forced Germany to accept full blame for the war
***Germany had to pay 33 billion $ in reparations, an
impossible amount for the war-devastated country
***Germany military limited to 100,000 no tanks,
aircraft, warships, or subs
• Germany stripped of all colonies
***Empires dissolved
***New Countries created
• Austria-Hungary broken up
• Ottoman Empire broken up
• League of Nations established
League of Nations
World Disarmament Conference at the
League of Nations
American anti-League cartoon
***U.S. Senate rejects the treaty
***U.S. never joins the League
***League turns out to be very ineffective
• from 1919 until 1939 - lived a short and
inglorious life
Rise of Extremism - Germany
• Dissatisfaction with
(one billion deutschmarks
equaled about one American
over Treaty of Versailles
***National Socialists
***Adolf Hitlerdictator of Germany in
Adolf Hitler (x over his head) as a World War I corporal