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Italian Classical
he roots of music on the Italian Peninsula can be traced back to
the music of Ancient Rome. However, the underpinnings of much
modern Italian music come from the Middle Ages.
The earliest extant music
in the West is plainsong,
a kind of monophonic,
unaccompanied, early
Christian singing
performed by Roman
Catholic monks, which
was largely developed
roughly between the 7th
and 12th centuries.
Music, from the
beginning, has been used
in many various fields
and different ways, but everyone
has always loved it.
Ottaviano dei Petrucci published the Harmonice
Musices Odhecaton, the first substantial collection of
printed polyphonic music, and in 1516, Andrea Antico
published the Frottole intablate da sonari organi, the
earliest printed Italian music for keyboard.
Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) is
considered the first great composer
of the new musical form, opera. He
has been very important, he scars
the passage from music of the
Renaissance to Baroque music.
The last fifty years of the 19th
century were dominated by
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901),
the greatest musical icon in
Italian history. Verdi's music
"sought universality within
national character" that is,
much of what he composed in
terms of historical themes
could be related to his panItalian vision. Verdi was the
composer of the Italian
Risorgimento, the movement
to unify Italy in the 19th
Later in the century is also
the time of the early career of
Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924),
perhaps the greatest composer
of pure melody in the history of
Italian music.
…but as them, also other composers have helped to
give life to the beautiful music history that we read today.