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Cell Energy
 All cells need energy
to survive. Plant
Cells energy comes
from the sun and
nutrients in the soil.
Animal Cells energy
comes from food.
 Plants have
pigments that absorb
 Chlorophyll is the
main pigment that
gives the plant its
green color.
 Chlorophyll is found
in Chloroplasts.
 Plants use the
energy captured by
chlorophyll to change
to carbon dioxide
and water into food.
 The food is then
changed into glucose. (
sugar) The glucose is
stored in the plant.
 Photosynthesis
produces oxygen.
Getting energy from food.
 There are a couple
ways of getting
energy from food.
 Cellular Respirationthe process by which
cells use oxygen to
produce energy from
 Most complex
organisms (* plants
and animals) obtain
energy through
cellular respiration.
 During C. R. food is
broken down into
CO2 and H2O.
 Animals use most
energy to maintain
body temp.
 Some energy is used
to form adenosine
triphosphate. ( ATP)
 Prokaryotic Cells-CR
takes place in the cell
 Eukaryotic Cells- CR
takes place in the
 Fermentation- the
breakdown of food
without the use of
 Two Types:
 1. Fermentation
happens in your
muscles and
produce lactic acid.
 * This is why your
muscle begin to have
a burning sensation.
( Muscle Fatigue)
 2. Fermentation
happens in some
types of bacteria and
Connection between
Photosynthesis and CR
 During
photosynthesis cells
use CO2 to make
glucose and the cell
release O2.
 During CR cells use
O2 to break down
glucose and release
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/00053412.html (Photosynthesis
 Fossil Fuels