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Sports & Entertainment
Mr. Bernstein
Sponsorship Proposal Basics
Kim Skildum-Reid,
April 1, 2013
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Mr. Bernstein
99% of Sponsorship Proposals Fail
Focus on the sponsor’s needs, not yours
Don’t make the sponsor do homework
Make a business case why they should sponsor you
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Mr. Bernstein
Suggested Strategy
Submit fewer but highly targeted proposals
Customize the proposal
Ask a higher price
Make it easy to visualize how it will work for them
Make it easy for them to sell it internally
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Mr. Bernstein
Overview of Opportunity
Use descriptive words
Describe what your target market loves about your
Do not position your self as needy or worthy
Do not refer to specific financial needs or goals
This is not about underwriting a cause, its about a
marketing opportunity
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Mr. Bernstein
Provide the Facts
Expected Attendance
Cost of Endorsement or Sponsorship
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Mr. Bernstein
Target Market Segmentation
Present the Psychographic segments
Motivations, Priorities, Lifestyles
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Mr. Bernstein
How can the Sponsor Leverage the Opportunity?
Brainstorm, create ideas
Put yourself in their shoes
Come up with creative ideas beyond joint logos and free
Provide examples of other companies who have
benefitted from similar sponsorships
Measurable attributes preferred