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HECA Review
Oliver Myers
Energy & Sustainability Manager, LB Camden
HECA Review Milestones
• 2000 DETR Energy Efficiency and local well-being
• 2001 DEFRA LA Energy Efficiency Review
• 2003 Energy White Paper
• 2003 Sustainable Energy Act
• 2003 Proposals for the removal of statutory reqs
• 2004 HECA Officers’ Views on Future of HECA
• 2004 DEFRA HECA Review
• 2006 Climate Change: the UK Programme
HECA Research: key findings on future
94% want a standard reporting format
Only 15% support continued use of existing baseline
71% feel Government should audit and validate reports
77% want data collection funded by Government
53% want ECA performance to be compared, using a
combination of indicators and strategy appraisal
82% think tackling fuel poverty should be the main aim of
their HECA strategy
HECA Research recommendations
1. Guidelines for appointment of full-time HECA Officers
2. HECA Officer training and development programme
3. Increase recognition of HECA Officers and HECA profile
4. Secure funding for the national and regional HECA Fora
5. Increase the role of Regional Government Offices
6. Review resources available for funding HECA progress
7. Assist Councils with the costs of HECA Progress Reports
HECA Research recommendations
8. Overhaul the current HECA Progress Reports format:
- standardised HECA data collection format
- new baselines using standardised methodology
- setting of revised targets and timeframes taking
account of local circumstances
9. Review methods for revising baseline figures
10. Review the data collection methods
11. Audit HECA Progress Reports
12. Provide prompt and detailed feedback
Draft HECA Review Aim
This review aims to look at how effective the current
reporting arrangements (INSERT) and delivery
mechanisms are and whether they can be improved
to help facilitate local authorities meet and if
possible exceed their targets and contribute to the
Governments action to meet its (DELETE)
designated aim (INSERT) emerging thinking around
climate change, fuel poverty and sustainability.
Draft HECA Review Objectives
a) Review the existing legislative and
departmental requirements, taking particular
account the changes which have occurred since
the initial implementation of the Act in 1996 and
consider the possible future legislative and
departmental requirements.
Draft HECA Review Objectives
(INSERT) b) Review the current resources used
to deliver HECA and future resources required
under any new arrangements.
Draft HECA Review Objectives
c) To investigate the quality of baselines
developed by Local Authorities in 1996 (and
maintained since) and the quality and
comparability of the existing performance data
provided by local authorities as reported to
Draft HECA Review Objectives
d) To consider the relevance of existing targets
(INSERT) and performance indicators in relation
to the current aims and objectives of UK energy
Draft HECA Review Objectives
e) (INSERT) Review and identify changes to
working practices and key performance
indicators to ensure the most effective
implementation of the Act and improve the
contribution it makes to the sustainable energy
evidence base.
Draft HECA Review Objectives
f) to review the existing guidance, support,
advice, tools (INSERT) and partnerships related
to the delivery of HECA and consider possible
future requirements and who might be best
placed to fulfil these roles.
Draft HECA Review Objectives
g) Ensure that recommendations are detailed,
clear and fully costed (INSERT) on all the above.
UK Climate Change Programme 2006
• “Local authorities are uniquely placed to provide
vision and leadership to local communities, raise
awareness and help change behaviours”
• “The Government will consider how to ensure that
the local government performance framework will
include an appropriate focus on action climate
change, sufficient to incentivise more authorities to
reach the levels of the best”
Future agenda for Government
Resubmit HECA Review ToRs to Minister
Energy Review
Review of reporting requirements
Local government performance framework
Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill