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Environment and Sustainability
Presentation to:
Ayrshire Occupational Health and Safety Group
Presented by:
Michael Lynch, Serco Energy and Sustainability Team,
[email protected]
People | Partnership | Public
Presentation overview
 My background and experience
 Serco’s approach to environment and sustainability
 Energy and Sustainability team activities and services
 Case Study : GCC contract
 Case study: Coke contract
 General approach to improving ES performance
 Forthcoming impacts
 Links
 Q&A
People | Partnership | Public
Experience and Background
Education and experience:
 BSC Environmental Management and Technology @ Glasgow Caledonian until 2001
 Shell Technology Enterprise Programme 3rd & 4th year with Caledonian Alloys
 Volunteered with BTCV – kerbside recycling / beach clean ups / rhoddy bashing etc
 Energy Saving Trust – Energy Efficiency Advice Centre, supporting LAs
 The Wise Group – social enterprise
 Serco - public and private sector Integrated Services clients
 10 years experience covering public, private and third sector organisations
My background and impact:
 Interest in natural heritage and biodiversity
 Hillwalking, fishing and golf
 Green tariff, insulation, timers, my local farm, offset car emissions
 Travel footprint large – work from home, webinars to offset
 2 kids!
People | Partnership | Public
A Unique Company…
Serco is a FTSE100 international service company which combines
commercial know-how with a deep public service ethos
People | Partnership | Public
Serco’s approach to Environment and Sustainab
 Operating in UK since 1929 and now delivering
sustainability across the public sector
 Corporate Assurance Group
 Divisional Environmental Management System 2005
 Divisional Carbon Management Strategy 2006
 Recognition for CSR achievements via Business In the
Community (BITC)
 Serco Strategy Director sits on the UK government’s
Sustainable Development Commission
 Serco CEO appointed as BITC National Ambassador in
 Energy and Sustainability business unit since 2008
Did you know ?
“Serco are committed to
delivering sustainability
both globally and locally,
for example we contribute
to the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change
via our work at the National
Physics Laboratory and are
involved in operating the
London Bike Scheme”
Energy & Sustainability Business unit services
Targeted Service Outcomes
 Cost savings
 Carbon reductions
 Legal compliance
 Enhanced reputation
 Engaged employees
 Cutting edge technology
 Smart commercials
E&S Team Selected Experience
 Energy and Sustainability audits
State Street Bank EMEA offices
 Technical energy audit campaigns
Deloitte / Glasgow City Council / Microsoft
 Tariff analysis and bill validation
Glasgow City Council
 Utility procurement and energy bureau services
Coke / State Street Bank EMEA offices
 Utility monitoring and measurement software
Coke / UK government
 Shared savings initiatives / technical solutions
Range of public and private sector clients
E&S Team Selected Experience
 EMS development / implementation / support
Coke / State Street Bank / Deloitte Ireland / Access
 Landfill avoidance / Waste minimisation
Selected health sector clients
 Carbon Offset advice
Deloitte Ireland
 Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reporting
Coke / Deloitte Ireland
 Organisational culture / behavioural change
Coke / Glasgow City Council
 Sustainability Strategy
Case study: GCC – Savings delivered 2009
Service Element
Annual Savings
Retrofit technology programme
Voltage optimisation
PC Shutdown
Boiler controls
Wrong tariff correction
Control strategies
May – Dec 2009
People | Partnership | Public
Case Study: Coke
 Green team formalised with Senior Management
 Implemented ISO 14001 in corporate HQ
 Sustainability services embedded within Serco FM services
 Building operation improvements CapEx
- Plant / waste / lighting
 Supply chain improvements
 Best Green Companies Awards
 Communication – engaged employees
 Pushing improvement through ISO
People | Partnership | Public
Improving Performance – EMS model
 Understand impacts and compliance
 Set targets
 Commit resources
 Allocate responsibilities
 Communicate
 Formalise documentation
 Monitor and measure
 Review performance
 Continual improvement
 Ongoing Senior management commitment vital
People | Partnership | Public
Improving Performance – Focus areas
 Environmental legislation – waste, oil management, refrigerants, COSSH etc
 Monitoring and measurement
 Utility use
 Waste hierarchy
 Resource efficiency
 Supply chain
 Business travel
 Communications and training – staff engaged and informed
 Corporate image
Improving performance – sustainability roadmap
Develop Strategy
Deliver Projects
Realise Benefits
Utility Management
Carbon reduction
Waste and Recycling
Cost savings
GHG measurement
Engaged workforce
Supply chain
Behavioural change
Best Practice
Establish ‘Greenprint’
Big picture
3-5 year roadmap
Clear overarching targets
Priority based actions
Critical Success Factors
Budget Requirements
Delivery Timescales
Continual improvement
People | Partnership | Public
Forthcoming Impacts – CRC Energy Efficiency S
 The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a mandatory “Cap & Trade” climate
change and energy saving scheme. It will affect organisations in the private and
public sector including the NHS, Schools & Local Authorities.
 Registration due 31st September 2010. Information needs to gathered from year
2008 to verify qualification.
 On an annual basis organisations will be required to report all their UK-based
CO2 emissions from all their fixed point energy sources electricity, gas, oil and
 Inclusion Assessment required if not already undertaken
 Early action metrics
 Compliance strategy (cash flow impact, OpEx, CapEx, Growth, property
portfolio, competitor analysis, financial and brand risk)
 Government spending review will affect CRC EES
People | Partnership | Public
Forthcoming Impacts – GHG Measurement and r
 Climate Change Act
 2012 mandatory GHG
 Scope unclear as yet
 Accurate picture of CC impact
 Regulatory schemes in place
 Medium – low impact
 Non energy intensive
People | Partnership | Public
Forthcoming Impacts – GHG Measurement and r
 Internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol
 3 scopes
People | Partnership | Public
Forthcoming Impacts – GHG Measurement and r
 Defra / DECC guidance
 Refined, more precise
 CO2e Conversion factors
 Comprehensive guidance
- Calculating
- Tracking emissions
- Reporting
People | Partnership | Public
Forthcoming Impacts – GHG Measurement and r
 Wrap – resource efficiency
 Netregs – SME env legislation
 Carbon Trust – low carbon
 Energy Saving Trust – assist with
domestic sector / employees
 Act on CO2 – climate change
 SEPA – regulation issues
 Defra / DECC - guidance
Discussion & Clarifications