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Green 2020
Environment and Energy
Reduce Carbon Save Money
“Knowledge to Act”
25th June 2009
A brief Introduction to Green 2020
• Green 2020 provides expertise in sustainable procurement, supply chain
improvement, environmental and energy management.
• Experts in Green 2020 have come from Reuters, Shell, Academia, the IT
Industry and Government.
• Green 2020 helps organisations reduced carbon emissions, meet
legislative compliance, provide supply chain efficiencies, increase
competitive advantage through increased profits and reduced costs.
• Establishment of best in class technology solutions to automate and
provide invaluable management information on environmental
performance and energy consumption.
• Clients include London Underground, London Borough of Waltham
Forest, VISA Europe, PA Consulting, Halcrow Group, Shaw Trust,
Bournemouth Borough Council, Dorset County Council, Luton and
Bedfordshire NHS Trust and many more
The mission of Green 2020
Local Government mission
To help London Boroughs such as the London Borough of Waltham Forest to
achieve their carbon reduction targets and become exemplar low carbon
authorities in the United Kingdom
Local businesses and suppliers to London Boroughs
To help businesses regardless of size reduce carbon emissions, ensure
environmental legal compliance, reduce costs through energy efficiency
programmes and to win more public and private sector business as a result
of their improved environmental and low carbon credentials.
Implementation of recommendations will…
• Reduce your carbon emissions
• Manage other green house gases
• Help your local authority achieve its carbon reduction targets
• Help you to be environmentally compliant
• Adopt best practice
• Work towards an accreditation
Environment • Know what needs to be achieved to improve your credentials
• Reduce energy use
• Save money
• Identify where investment needs to be made to be able to
achieve long term energy efficiency
Working with Green 2020
So what happens after your free review and audit?
Green 2020 consultants can assist in the implementation of the
recommendations outlined in the report, this could include:
 Development of policies and strategies
 Implementation of retrofit energy saving equipment
 Provision of energy usage monitoring equipment including monitor
and targeting, half hourly meters and smart meters
 Environmental services including preparation for ISO14001
 Provision of renewables such as solar thermal and wind
 For those larger companies an outsourced service to manage the
carbon reduction commitment.
Meet the team
Some of the Green 2020 team are here today and they include:
 Philip Emsley – Director and principle contact
 Sophie Hutchinson – Head of Environmental Management
and lead consultant on the public sector SME engagement
 Mark Morris – Head of Energy Management and lead on the
public sector SME and Climate Change Supplier engagement
 Simone Bichara – Environmental Consultant and lead on the
LBWF Climate Change supplier engagement programme
 Stephanie Rose – Environmental Consultant and
environmental compliance expert
To take advantage of
these free reviews and audits contact any of the team
here today or:
Philip Emsley
Director and Chief Operating Officer
Green 2020 Ltd
68 Lombard Street
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)207 193 7341
email: [email protected]