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A term meaning ‘next to’
The structure is located ‘above’
The ‘front’ surface of the organism
Located in the ‘middle’ region
Located ‘far away’ from the structure
Damage to the hypothalamus occurs
when this cavity is damaged.
The lungs and heart exchange oxygen
and carbon dioxide in this cavity
This structure divides the thoracic
and abdominal cavities
Digestive and excretory organs
Are located in this cavity
This cavity reduces in volume
during pregnancy
Responsible for maintaining
blood composition
Water absorption and solid waste
Chemically maintaining
homeostasis of various body
Rids the body of cellular respiration
waste product.
Converts harmful by-product
of protein break down
Pulmonary is associated with
this organ
Hepa- is associated with this
Organ (hepatic, hepatitis)
Vascularized refers to this
The suffix –ase is associated
with what type of molecule
Renal is associated with this
These two systems work together
to bring in and carry oxygen through
out the body
These systems work to bring glucose
into the cells of the body
This pair of systems helps
to safely breakdown proteins
Lungs and heart
Two systems controlling
sexual maturity