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Five Systems of the Human Body
 1. Digestive System – Breaks down food into nutrients
 2. Respiratory System – Intakes Oxygen/ Outputs
Carbon Dioxide
 3. Circulatory System – Blood carries Oxygen and
nutrients throughout body
 4. Excretory System – How the body gets rid of waste
 5. Reproductive System – How humans reproduce
Digestive System
Excretory System
(Urinary System)
Circulatory System
Respiratory System
Reproductive System
Research Project
20 Minute Posters
Now I want you to work in groups with the others at your table. I will assign
you each a different part of the body to research for 10 minutes. As you are
researching, make sure you are writing down any and all facts you find. You
will, then, take 8 minutes to put together a 2 minute presentation.
Breakdown of who is presenting:
Person 1: Give the name of the part of the body I have given you and what
system it is important to. Use proper sentences when speaking. Ex. The
organ that we researched is ___________ and it is important to...
Person 2: List how it relates to the human body. For example, the heart
circulates blood throughout the body. Lungs are where gases…, i.e. Oxygen
and carbon dioxide are exchanged…
Person 3: Give a disease that is related to this organ. For example, Asthma is
related to the lungs. It causes the lungs to…
Person 4: List a couple of causes of the disease. Asthma can be caused by
genetics and/or inhaling air pollutants.
Table One: Pancreas
Table Two: Skin
Table Three: Ovary
Table Four: Liver
Table Five: Kidney(s)
Table Six: Diaphragm
Table Seven: Arteries
Table Eight: Red Blood Cells
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