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Food Issues
Factory Farming
• Animals kept in inhumane conditions to
maximise output and minimise costs.
• Some of these savings are passed on to
the consumer, but is it moral?
• ‘value’ ranges, eggs from caged hens
are examples of such products
• Many people believe it is better to buy
free range and organic products
the meatrix
• Farmers in developing countries are
paid fairly for their products
• The money is used to cover costs
• Any money left over is used to improve
the local community
• There is a wide range of Fairtrade
products on sale
• Organic foods are more natural
• Crops are grown without artificial
chemicals such as pesticides
• Many people believe this is better for
the environment as well as the
• There is more crop wastage so organic
food is more expensive
GM Crops
• = Genetically Modified
• The DNA is altered
• This is done to make bigger, better
• They are more resilient to disease
• The concern is… what effect might this
have on people who eat them?
• Foods are exposed to gamma rays
• This destroys bacteria and other micro
organisms to make foods last longer
• It is used on fruit, vegetables, spices, cereals,
fish and poultry.
Concerns include:
• risk to workers of accidental exposure to
dangerous levels of radiation
• Possible damage to local environment
caused by accidents at processing plant
• Long term effect on consumers