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HHP 2603 Week 21 Notes
Vegetarian Lifestyle (Lower BMI)
Ovolactovegetarian (Eggs; Milk; Butter;-gain protein)
Lactovegetarian (No eggs)
Vegan (Plants only; No dairy; More difficult to get acids)
Dietary Guidelines:
1) Build healthy plate
Make half your plate fruits and vegetables
Switch to skim or 1% milk
Make at least half of your grains whole
Vary your protein food choices
Keep food safe to eat
2) Cut back on foods that are high in solid fats, added sugars and salt
Choose foods and drinks with little or no sugar
3) Eat the right amount of calories for you
4) Be physically active your way
Foodborne illness:
Specific populations are at risk (Children, Elderly, Immune deficit)
Caused by pathogens (Most Common: Salmonella, Norovirus, E. coli)
Most cases go back to food handling
Organic foods:
Free of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones
Strick criteria for being certified as organic
100% organic vs organic
Good for the environment
Food allergy- reaction of the body’s immune system to a food or ingredient
Food intolerance- adverse reaction to a food or ingredient
Body composition
Fat-free mass:
Composed of all the body’s non-fat tissue (Bone, water, muscle,
connective tissue, organ tissues, teeth)
Body fat:
Essential fat- lipids incorporated in nerves, brain, heart, liver,
mammary glands
HHP 2603 Week 21 Notes
Total calories such as MyPlate suggestions ad exercise with moderate calorie
Portion sizes
Energy (Calorie) density
Eating habits
Weight Loss Programs:
Do it yourself
Noncommercial weight loss programs which area Gov. funded
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
OA (Overeaters Anonymous)
Commercial weight loss programs such as shape-ups
Clinical weight loss programs