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Job title:
Research Assistant
Level A, Academic and Research Job Family
Reporting to:
Dr Natalie Stingelin
Liaison with:
Postgraduate Students and Research staff
Key Working Relationships:
Deliver results for ERC or Kaust project
Summary of the post:
Preparation and characterization of photovoltaic ternary
blends and oligoacene processing for thin-film transistor
Purpose of the Post:
This post is aimed at developing novel organic solar cell structures and fabrication of organic
transistors at high yield. The project is fully funded until 31 May 2013.
Key Responsibilities:
 To design, fabricate and characterize organic solar cells and thin film field-effect
transistors, especially those based on oligoacenes
To establish phase diagrams of relevant organic semiconducting blends
To develop solution-processing routes for single component and bi-component
To perform optical and electron microscopy and wide-angle X-ray studies
Attend meetings and report to partners in the project, including the University of
Work well within a dynamic group of students and Research Associates
Write progress reports and prepare results for publication and dissemination via
journals, presentations and the web
Attend progress and management meetings as required and network with the other
research groups
To comply with relevant College policies, including Financial Regulations, Equal
Opportunities Policy, Promoting Race Equality Policy, Health and Safety Policy,
Information Systems Security Policy and Intellectual Property Rights and Register of
Interests Policies
Job descriptions cannot be exhaustive; the post holder may be required to undertake other
duties, which are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.
Imperial College is committed to equality of opportunity and of eliminating discrimination.
All employees are expected to adhere to the principles set out in its Equal Opportunities
in Employment Policy, Promoting Race Equality policy and Disability Policy and all other
relevant guidance/practice frameworks.
Applications are required to demonstrate that they possess the following attributes:
 A first degree or masters (or equivalent) in Materials Science
Experience and Knowledge:
A strong background in materials engineering
A strong background in thin film characterization
A strong background in thermal analysis
A strong background in polymer processing, processing of small molecular
organic semiconductors, especially oligoacenes
A strong background in the physical chemistry of organic matter
A strong background in FET fabrication and characteristation
Background in OPV fabrication
Knowledge in fabrication of more integrated structures
Knowledge of safe working practices in laboratories
Skills and Abilities:
 A demonstrated ability conducting research
 A strong demonstrated ability in dealing with industrial background
 Excellent communication and organisational skills
 Good multi-tasking abilities
 Ability to exercise initiative and judgment in carrying out research tasks
 Ability to write clearly and concisely to a level consistent with publication in highly
regarded international journals
 Ability to relate appropriately to others and to work as part of a team