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Cardiovascular Disease
*Number one killer of adults
*1 in 4 people living In the us is ill with
some form of this
Types of CVD
Coronary artery Disease
Congestive Heart Failure
Congenital Cardiovascular Defects
Cerebrovascular Disease
Disease of the heart and blood
vessels (mainly in arteries)
Hardening and narrowing of the
Is most common form of Cvd
Begins with mounds of fat and
then hardens to form plaque
Increases blood pressure &
abnormal blood clotting
Heart attack
Brought on by atherosclerosis
Occurs when blood flow to the
heart becomes so restricted that
some heart muscle tissue dies for
lack of oxygen
Tissue replaced with scar tissue
Symptoms of a Heart Attack
 Unusual fatigue
 Sleep disturbances
 Shortness of breath
 Indigestion
 Anxiety
 Chest discomfort
 Nausea, lightheaded, cold sweats
 Chest pain
 Discomfort or pain
in other areas of the
 Shortness of breath
 Abdominal
 Nausea, lightheaded, cold sweats
Occurs the same as a heart attack
but located in the brain
Can occur by bursting of small
vessels of the brain
Location of damage determines
the nature of the impairment
Reducing the risk
Avoid Smoking
Hypertension (blood pressure)
Type of fat symptom less risk factor
Know your blood pressure
Elevated blood cholesterol
raises blood pressure
choose low-fat food & foods high in dietary fiber
reduce excess anger, anxiety, stress or depression
Reducing the risk
Find ways to relax
Drug and Alcohol
Avoid excessive use/abuse