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Medical Treatments for
Heart Disease
Chapter 17 Section 5
Amy Bentle and Amanda Jones
Cures for Fibrillation
Fibrillation: extremely rapid contractions of the
heart that lack power needed to pump blood
around the body.
A defibrillator gives electric shocks on the chest to
recognize the heart’s normal electric signals, and
help to return the normal heartbeat.
A drug can be given a few hours after the heart
attack occurs to stop the clot dissolving action of the
blood. This drug also helps to prevent a mass amount
of tissue damage.
Remedies for a Failing Heart
Pacemaker: a implanted device that provides
electrical stimulation for a failing heart beat.
 Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: a surgery to
provide an alternate route for blood to reach
heart tissue, bypassing a blocked coronary
These are used to strengthen and stabilize the
The surgery involves replacing the blocked coronary
arteries with synthetic tubing.
Another way is to use instruments to flatten, scrape
or vaporize plaque in the heart.
Heart Transplants
 Heart
Transplant: the surgical
replacement of a diseased heart with a
healthy one.
They are a last resort and not a sure cure.
The wait for a new heart could take years.
The body’s immune system could reject the
transplanted heart.
• Artificial Hearts are being developed so the human
immune system would not reject it.
Healthy Lifestyles
 Medicine
is only temporary healing.
 Nothing yet has been found to cure
 Proper diet and exercise are beneficial in
preventing or postponing cardiovascular