Download Impact social norms and help reproductive age women quit smoking

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Lessons Learned
Ringgold County, IA
CPPW Initiative
Media Objectives
1. Impact social norms and help
reproductive age women quit
2. Increase awareness of tobacco
companies’ use of advertising and
marketing targeting Ringgold
County youth
3. Change attitudes about tobacco
advertising in our communities
4. Increase knowledge of the
dangers of second hand smoke
and youth tobacco use
Media Plan – overcoming barriers
Elements Included:
• Earned media for survey
and campaign results
• Creston radio ads
• Local newspaper ads
• Outdoor billboards
• Restroom posters
• Window clings
• Theater ad
• facebook/social media
• WIC Clinics
• Daycare flyers
(send home with kids)
Newspaper Ad
Window Cling
Restroom Poster
Theater Ad
Earned Media (PR)
Radio News Broadcasts:
A new policy adopted by the Ringgold
County Fair Board on March 9, 2011
prohibits tobacco companies from
giving away free samples, and
advertising or sponsoring events at
the fairgrounds. The policy is part of
ongoing work to help keep youth
from starting to chew or smoke.
“As far as we know, this is the first
fairground policy of this kind in the
state of Iowa,” comments Chris
Doster, Ringgold Standing to Oppose
Pressure (R-STOP) Project Director.
The 4-H County Council youth
introduced the policy to the Fair
Board last November. More than
80% of people were in support of
prohibiting tobacco advertising or
sponsorship according to a survey.
Policy Objectives
Tobacco-free Parks
Youth messages and as
JEL at City Council meeting
Gaining community endorsement
Support cards: “walls of support”
• Youth groups energy
• Conclusion
This is R-STOP
Ringgold County Public Health
119 South Fillmore St.
Mount Ayr, IA 50854
Chris Doster
Project Director
Jennifer Bice
Media Specialist