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Responses To
Humorous Ads
Does Audience
Involvement Matter?
Ashley Fischer
Emily Emmons
Kayleen Beals
Mac vs PC Commercial
• Involvement is defined as an
individual, internal state of arousal
with intensity, direction, and
persistence properties.
– Involvement has been identified as an
important variable that influences
advertising effectiveness.
Positive Brand Management
• When we see a funny advertisement
we tend to discuss it with our friends
and family.
• It tends to bring a higher level of
involvement to the consumer.
• These two factors help build a
companies positive brand image.
Affect vs. Cognitive Reaction
• Affect: People just react!
• Cognitive Reaction: Requires a
stimulation and elaboration…
• Humorous Ad
• Most Alcohol ads
tend to use humor
as well as sex
appeal to gain
involvement from
the consumer.
Involvement Using Humor
Experiment Critique
• Only using students in the sample
• Assigning levels of involvement
• Use of rewards to encourage
• Using print ads only
• Single exposure vs. multiple exposure
• Humor functions to:
– Create awareness
– Strengthen product/brand attitude
– Be memorable
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