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Melanie Schepmans
oJupiter is the biggest planet in the milky way
oIt is so big, it can fit all the planets in the solar
system with room to spare.
Jupiter’s Greek God is Zeus king of Mount Olympus
and all Greek gods and Goddesses. Zeus had 2
brothers Poseidon god of the sea and Hatis god and
ruler of the underworld. Zeus is known for causing
lightning with his bolts.
o Jupiter’s surface is made up of mostly gas that is
why he is referred to be a GAS GIANT.
o It has 90% hydrogen and 10% helium.
o Surprisingly, Jupiter has rings!! They are very small
and faint. They are dark and made of pieces of
Jupiter’s moons that were struck by asteroids. There
are only 2. So, its perfect for cooling off from the hot
weather on Jupiter since the rings are freezing cold!
o Jupiter has 63 moons.
o The large ones are called Galilean moons.
o Jupiter is visible at night as the “brightest star” in the night sky.
o Jupiter’s great red spot is visible with binoculars some times!
o Jupiter's great red spot is actually a great red hurricane. Its
been around for hundreds of years.
o Jupiter has a strong magnetic field, resulting, you would weigh
two and a half times as much as you do on Earth.
o Jupiter is the planet because Robert Downey Jr. said he wants
to invest millions to shoot Iron Man 4 there! He also said “Jupiter
is obviously the King of the planets and is only fit for a king”.
o Jupiter is the biggest planet so you’ll have the whole planet to
your self if you buy it!
o Jupiter is pretty hot at temperatures of 284 degrees
Fahrenheit! To us earthlings that’s pretty hot! Make sure you buy
lots of tank tops and shorts!! On the bright side of the
heat, in the core is a liquid pool of gas that is at
freezing temperatures just to cool off!!
Buy Jupiter for only 7 million bucks!
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