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Calrec Hydra2 routers allow for 1-to-n cross-point matrix
routing of sources to destinations without using up DSP or
control surface space. Control over cross-point routing can
be carried out from a console, a standalone PC running the
Calrec H2O network administrator GUI, or via third party
controllers supporting the SW-P-08 protocol.
SW-P-08, or the “General Remote” protocol was first developed by
Pro-Bel and has since had a wide uptake by router and controller
designers to allow their equipment to control, or to be controlled
by other manufacturers’ equipment. Input sources and output
destinations that are to be controlled in this way are assigned
unique SW-P-08 ID’s within the router which are mapped and
labelled accordingly in the controller.
SW-P-08 controllers can route any source to any destination
across the Hydra2 network that they have been given access
to. As well as physical Hydra2 input and output ports, the H2O
GUI and SW-P-08 controllers can also route to and from Hydra
Patchbays, giving access to console DSP outputs as sources, and
the ability to change sources feeding control surface faders.
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Connection and redundancy
The SW-P-08 control connection is made via TCP/IP to the single front panel Ethernet port
on the primary, normally active router card in the Master Router rack. In the event of a primary
router failure, the secondary would take over and continue SW-P-08 communications over the
connection made to the primary card. Calrec also support a backup SW-P-08 connection that
can be made to the secondary router card, protecting against port, cable and 3rd party failures
where supported by the third party SW-P-08 controller.
Serial to TCP/IP conversion
For third party controllers that do not support TCP/IP connections, Calrec can provide a 1U
rack-mount twin PSU serial to TCP/IP convertor unit.
Systems currently in use:
Although there is a very wide uptake in SW-P-08, it is not an official standard and there may be
variations in different manufacturers’ interpretations. Therefore, where possible, Calrec prefer
to prove communications with specific manufacturers before they are installed for the first
time, allowing for changes to the software to be made if required. The following systems have
been proven and are in on-air use, please feel free to discuss 3rd party controller options and
potential candidates with a Calrec representative.
Siemens Colledia / BNCS
Grass Valley Jupiter
NVision N9000 series*
Snell Aurora*
*Currently under test
Talk to a sales representative or email [email protected] for more info.
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