Download Steps to Maximize the Speed of Your Internet Connection

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Steps to Maximize the Speed
of Your Internet Connection
The speed of your internet connection depends on various factors such as hardware,
speed of the network, latest firmware, and proper optimization of network and computer
etc. You can try to improve the internet speed of your internet connection. To get instant
technical support for Setup Belkin Router, get in touch with us.
Part 1: Inspecting Your Network, Connection and Hardware
Try to perform a speed test check on your computer to check maximum speed
you are receiving from your ISP for uploading or downloading files.
You need to restart your modem and router which let you help fixing some type of
network issues.
Also don’t forget to download the latest firmware update for your router.
Part 2: Enhancing Your Network and Computer
Perform virus scans on your computer every week.
Also regularly optimize the cache of your internet browser.
Part 3: Hardware Upgrade
Upgrade the hardware of your PC.
If your PC speed is very slow, then it will also affect the internet speed in your
computer. Therefore to enhance the performance of your internet browser you
need to upgrade RAM in your PC.
Instead of using Wi-Fi, always try to use the Ethernet connection for surfing the
internet. This will results in enhanced speeds for your devices, as well as reduced
interference for your rest of the wireless devices like smartphones and tablets.
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