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Peak Support Services Ltd
Connecting & protecting your
Did you know...
Consumer Wireless is up from 34% 2004 - now at 78% 2009.
78% of all UK Businesses have a wireless access point.
57% of Businesses have ineffective or no encryption. (Nov.2009)
30% of Businesses leave default passwords on routers.
6/10 people admit to Online Banking at work.
7/10 people believe Anti Virus packages will protect their internet surfing.
Hacking Methods...
• Brute Force / Dictionary Attack
A WEP key consists of 5 OR 13 characters –takes 1 – 24 hours.
• ARP Poisoning
Scanning and acting as a router so all data goes through hackers laptop.
• DHCP Spoofing
– Hacker tries to issue an IP before the router can.
• DNS Poisoning
– Gaining access to the router, they can change the DNS to redirect to any nonlegit websites.
Recent Example...
Computer Recycling Firm in London
•Sage Line 50
•CCTV system
•Email Accounts
•All Documents
•Reset Passwords
•Remain Invisible
and capture packet
Do’s and Don’ts
DO - ALWAYS Set a password with WPA or above.
DO - If possible hide the network name(SSID).
DO – Make sure passwords are complex and not easy to remember.
DO – If possible, switch off your wireless router when not in use.
DON’T – Connect to an unknown Access Point unless absolutely certain its secure.
DON’T – Leave the default password on your router.