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 A major concern related to the design of web applications
 Many sites contain a huge quantity of personal and
financial information. Web sites being in the public
domain make them the target for hackers who want to
know your name and credit card details.
 It is therefore important to consider ways of protecting the
data in your site so that it reduces the risk of unauthorised
 There are a number of measures that can be put in place to
improve security, some instantly obvious, others not so.
Create a Password System
Along with some facility for users to change their password (only
when they are logged in)
Also a way of re-sending forgotten passwords
Use of Memorable Words
(This is why putting too much information on Facebook can be a very bad idea!)
Random Digits from Security Code
Encourage the use of “Strong
 Weak passwords
 password
 abc
 123
 Your date of birth
 Strong(er) Password
 Pass1word#
ContainsNumber Code
Limit the number of Login
Create a Single Point of Entry to
your Site
Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on
the Server