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Building a Network
A local company has hired you as a network
administrator. Your first assignment is to setup the
local network and make everything function
correctly. You have decided to first build your
simulated network using packet tracer and test the
setup before modifying the live network.
Your task is the subnet the
network, design the network
within packet tracer, apply the
needed addresses and then test
connectivity by using the ping
First Step
• Subnet your network using the information
from the following page of information.
• Remember to make sure you have enough
useable subnetworks
A small company with three locations in
different cities requires Wide Area Network
The company requires at least:
• 6 Subnetworks
The company has been given a Class C IP Address:
After subnetting
Do The Following In PacketTracer
• Design your network with the routers,
computers, switches and appropriate cables.
• Use the diagram on the next page to
complete this task.
Network Schematic
New York
Remember To Do The Following!
• Assign Your 6 subnetworks (links between router to router will
be a subnetwork, links between a router and a switch then out
to the computers will also be a subnetwork.
• Assign appropriate IP addresses, subnet masks, network
addresses(under RIP on the router) and turn needed ports on
connecting the router interfaces you decide to use.
• Assign IP addresses to computers. Ensure that the ports used
are turned on and active and the subnet mask is used.
• Set the Gateway address of each computer to the address of the
fastethernet port being used to connect to the switch