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Grey Station / booking: [email protected]
In January 2013, the drummer and composer Philippe Flammang was looking for aspiring musicians
in order to create a band. Soon he was joined by Angelo Stagno (electric guitar). Over the months
Sean Birch (electric guitar), Rësch Falchero, singer/songwriter of the former band "Stories to Tell",
and Pit Kaufmann, a young but gifted bass player, completed the band. Unfortunately after one year,
Sean left the band in summer 2014, and Michel Blanc took his place. Thanks to Michel’s innovative
guitar sound, the band’s musical horizon became more atmospheric.
In February 2014 “Grey Station”released the 6 song EP “Connections”. Lots of gigs followed and by
playing festivals like “Food for your senses – Bissen”, “Fête de la musique – Dudelange” or “E-lake –
Echternach” the five piece group had the opportunity to improve their abilities in playing live music
and to present their alternative rock/power pop to a larger audience.
By now Grey Station is working on new songs and a couple of them will see the light by the end of
April 2015. So stay tuned and rock on…!
Line up :
Falchero Rësch – vocals, acoustic guitar
Blanc Michel – electric guitar
Stagno Angelo – electric guitar
Pit Kaufmann – bass
Flammang Philippe – Drums