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We are pleased to announce the launch of the
The FSA Classical Guitar Ensemble
For 5th through 8th graders
This ensemble will give students the opportunity to learn the
proper technique and form when playing the guitar, how to read
rhythm and notation and develop the listening skills necessary to
play in a group. Students will need to bring their own guitars
(nylon stringed acoustic or student classical guitars) and
Mr. Joseph Kirkland, the Conductor, received his training in the
disciplines of conducting and classical guitar from Georgia
Southwestern and Georgia State Universities. He is a multiinstrumentalist and composer. He is certified to teach the Austin
Classical Guitar Society
Guitar Curriculum and plans to enter our Ensemble in the Georgia
Music Educators Association Guitar Ensemble Competition each
The cost to join is $250 per semester (16 weeks) with a $20
registration fee.
Days and times to be announced.
[email protected] or (770) 402-2907.