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Queen: Killer Queen
- Sheer Heart Attack 1974
- Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara
- Tenor voice
- Lead, backing vocals, piano, overdubbed with honky-tonk, piano, electric guitars, bass guitar,
drum kit
- Guitar techniques: slides, bends, pull-offs, vibrato
- Recording techniques and effects: multi-tracking, EQ, flanger, distortion, reverb,
wah-wah, panning and overdubbing
- Homophonic, three-part texture (guitar solo)
- Panning, antiphonal
- Imitation, layering
Structure : verse-chorus-instrumental-verse-chorus-guitar solo-verse-chorus-outro
Tonality and Harmony
- Eb major
- C minor, close on Eb chord (passing modulations)
- Some use of dissonance, seventh chords, circle of fifths (b.20-21)
- Altered and extended chords
- Pedal notes used
- Syllabic text setting
- Backing vocals use vocalisations
- Melody mostly conjunct (leaps of 3rd/4th)
Rhythm, Tempo and Metre
- Moderato (dotted crotchet pulse) 112 bpm
- 12/8 : compound quadruple time
- Swung feel, triplets, syncopation
- Occasional irregular bar length
- Every verse and chorus start with anacrusis