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Matt Dear – Composer/Guitarist/Sound Designer/Songwriter
“Matt is a versatile musician and an advanced guitar player. With excitement and verve he delivers his wide
ranging stylistic passions through his rich compositional style" – Jim Williams
Styles: Folk, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Orchestral, World, Acoustic, Electronic etc. Can adapt to any style.
Description: Been writing and playing music for over 10 years, recently finished music degree.
Currently building composition portfolio, covering many different styles and formats. Also
recorded and released two albums with folk-rock band Green Diesel.
Software: Logic, Ableton, Waves, East West Symphonic Orchestra, NI Komplete, Geist, Isotope Ozone 5, Sylenth.
Gear – Scarlett 8i6 interface, M-Audio MIDI Keyboard, G&L electric guitar, Cort acoustic guitar, Fender Blues
Deluxe amplifier, Ensoniq ESQ1 synth, various percussion two SM58, Macbook Pro, Asus i5 laptop.
Additional: Experienced guitarist/composer/singer, with 7 years live experience. Willing to travel, easy to get on
with, professional attitude, reliable, enjoys playing and listening to all styles of music. Strong time-management
and organisational skills, both self-directed and within a team.
Education: 2.1 BA Professional Musicianship – Guitar at BIMM Brighton: Scott Mcgill (worked with Michael Manring, Percy
Jones (Brand X), Neil Kernon, Guitar Techniques), Jim Williams (Craig Armstrong (Massive Attack), Pete Murphy, Ivor Novello
award nominee)
Videos: – Upcoming mobile game commission; music & sfx. – Sound design/soundtrack using 1979 ‘Alien’ trailer – detailed analysis on request.
Credits: ‘Alf, Bet& Gam’-iOS game, ‘The Boy With Bombs’-iOS Game, ‘Lost Soul’-Kongregate Game, ‘You Can’t F*cking Lose’-Newgrounds Game. Currently
working on a number of longer-term, higher profile games.
Email: [email protected] Tel: 077437015647