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Eucalyptus polyanthemos
ssp. vestita
Red Box
A small to medium, somewhat crooked, evergreen tree of
round to spreading habit.
Rounded to broadly ovate, slate grey-green to glaucous
Bark red brown, rough fibrous in small flakes, often
persistent to small branches.
At maturity it develops a relatively dense canopy in good
Found in extensive stands in poor stony and shallow soils,
requires well drained soil for good performance.
Frost tolerant.
height x width (m)
7-15 x 5-12
Indigenous to Shire of Yarra
Ranges, Victoria, New South Wales
growth rate
Moderate to fast growth rate with
sufficient irrigation.
flower colour
Massed clusters of small white
flowering time
shade tolerance
Full sun
High tolerance grows satisfactorily with no obvious signs of stress in a dry
low soil oxygen
Moderate tolerance to water logging, prefers well drained soils.
compacted soils
pest + disease
Generally not prone to insects that cause obvious damage to foliage.
root disturbance
Moderate to high tolerance.
Low incidence of problem from planting out as industry standard, 2m plus
container grown trees.
limb shear
Few, if any reports of the shedding of major limbs in urban landscape plantings.
weed risk
No records of species becoming established in urban landscapes by self-sown
under powerlines
Suited (limit use). Naturally open branching structure that is visually and
functionally suited to pruning under wires.
habitat value
Indigenous to Shire of Yarra Ranges – bird and insect attracting, but does not
always flower annually.
Shire of Yarra Ranges
Streetscape Strategy
Street Tree Species List
Information Sheet