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Interactions among species Notes
Every species has its own range of tolerance.
Tolerance = the ability to _____________________________
_____________________________________under a range of
environmental circumstances.
When an environmental condition extends beyond an organism’s optimum range = ________________.
The organism expends _______________ energy trying to maintain __________________________ and
_____________ energy on growth and reproduction.
Habitat = the general place an organism lives
Niche = what an organisms does and how it interacts
with the environment
Niche = the range of _____________________________________________________ conditions in
which a species lives and the way the species obtains what it needs to survive and reproduce.
Resource = any _________________________________. Ex. Water, nutrients, light, food, space, shelter
Organisms ________________________ for these resources.
Direct competition between species almost always produces a ____________________ and a
Interactions among species Notes
Competitive Exclusion Principle
No two species can occupy exactly the same _______________ in exactly the same _________________
at exactly the same ______________.
If there are two species, one will be better at
_____________________ for limited resources and will eventually
exclude the other species.
Resource Sharing
Predator-Prey Relationships
Predation = one animal (_____________________) captures and feeds on another animal (__________)
Predators can affect the ___________ of prey populations in a community and determine the places
they can live.
Herbivore-Plant Relationships
Herbivores can affect the _______________________________________ of plant populations in a
Keystone Species
Changes in a single species can cause
dramatic changes__________________ in
the structure of a community.
Ex. Sea otter
Interactions among species Notes
Any relationship in which __________________________ live closely together is called symbiosis.
Both species ____________________________.
Ex. Clown fish and sea anemone
One species ________________________________________________ another species and
_____________ it.
A parasite will usually weaken the host, but not always kill it.
One species ______________________, the other is neither helped nor harmed.
Ex. Barnacles on whale