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Zelkova serrata
‘Green Vase’
Japanese Zelkova
Medium to large vase-shaped, exotic, deciduous
tree with upright arching branches.
Leaves oblong- ovate dark green to 12 cm long
with serrated margin, autumn colours range from
yellow, copper to red.
Bark is smooth grey exfoliating in patches to reveal
orange, brown and pink.
Graceful tree with uniform upright branch
architecture that provides natural clearance for
traffic below.
Adaptable to urban environments is highly
adaptable to different soil types.
height x width (m)
18-24 x 15-18m
growth rate
Moderate to Fast
flower colour
Flowers and fruit are
flowering time
shade tolerance
Prefers full sun.
Low tolerance to dry soils.
low soil oxygen
Low tolerance to waterlogging.
compacted soils
Moderately tolerant to a range of environmental conditions.
pest + disease
Generally not prone to insects that cause obvious damage to foliage, can be
susceptible to trunk, bark, and twig cankers and pests trunk borers.
root disturbance
Surface roots generally not a problem, transplants easily.
Low incidence of problem from planting out as industry standard, 2m plus
container grown trees, avoid transplanting in autumn.
Narrow branch angles may lead to susceptibility top splitting at the branch
crotch; requires formative pruning to develop strong structure preferably with
single trunk and good branch spacing.
No records of species becoming established in urban landscapes by self-sown
limb shear
weed risk
under powerlines
Not suitable.
habitat value
Not known to provide a specific food or habitat resource for native fauna.
Shire of Yarra Ranges
Streetscape Strategy
Street Tree Species List
Information Sheet