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Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens
Native Plants for Home Gardens
Native Trees
Sugar maple (Acer saccharum). This tree provides spectacular fall
colour and is a food source for small wild animals.
Larch, hatmatack, tamarack ( Larix laricina). This unique tree is a
deciduous conifer and the soft green needles turn yellow and
fall off in the autumn.
Red oak ( Quercus rubrum). Red oaks form massive specimens that
are resistant to wind. Acorns are important food for squirrels.
Native Mountain Ash (Sorbus americana). These trees produce
lovely foliage with clusters of white flowers in spring, bright
red fruits and reddish leaf color in fall.
Native Shrubs
Serviceberry ( Amelanchier canadensis). The first shrub to
flower in the spring, this rose relative has wonderful white
flowers followed by edible, deep purple fruit in late summer.
Red Osier dogwood (Cornus sericea). If you’re looking for good
winter colour, consider this shrub with deep red the twigs and
stems. These shrubs are commonly seen along roadsides in
Native roses ( Rosa virginiana, Rosa carolina). Our native roses
are lovely and hardy, very fragrant and produce large beautiful hips after
flowering. R. virginiana’s leaves turn red-purple in fall.
Wild Raisin (Viburnum cassinoides). This flowering and fruit-producing shrub
prefers acidic soils, and has terrific colours in autumn.
Herbaceous Plants
Turtlehead ( Chelone glabra). This is a lovely plant for a damp
area or beside a pond, with white flowers.
Bunchberry, crackerberry (Cornus canadensis). Bunchberry is a
great groundcover in woodland gardens, the low growing
plant has white flowers in spring and orange, bland but edible
berries in fall.
Clintonia, Bluebead Lily ( Clintonia borealis). This striking
woodland plant, with shining foliage and clusters of small
yellow, lily-like flowers in spring, is followed by a cluster of blue, inedible berries.
Joe-Pye Weed, purple boneset (Eupatorium maculatum). A favourite for damp areas,
including bogs and pond gardens, this 4 foot tall plant boasts flower heads of deep
rose and is loved by butterflies and bees.
Ferns. From the stately ostrich fern, Matteucia struthiopteris to the evergreen
holly or Christmas fern,Polystichum acrostichoides, there are wonderful ferns for
most gardens.
Where do I find Native Plants?
Nurseries in the Acadian Forest Region who carry a selection of native plants:
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Baldwin’s Nursery
Save a Plant
500 Mines Road, Falmouth
16 Fletcher Court,
(902) 798-9468
Fredericton, NB E3A 4T4
(506) 474-0801
[email protected]
Springvale Nurseries
1421 Hammonds Plains Road
518 Shaw Road, Berwick
Acadian Forest Restoration Nursery
Fallsbrook Centre
311 Pictou Road, Bible Hill
125 South Knowlesville Road
Knowlesville NB E7L 1B1
[email protected]
(506) 375-4310
Sweetwater Native Plant Nursery
Windhorse Farms
Corn Hill Nursery
132 Sarty Rd.
2700 Route 890
New Germany, NS
Corn Hill, NB E4Z 1M2
(902) 543-6955
(506) 756-3635
Woodlands and Meadows Perennial
Nursery and Gardens
827 Black Rock Rd
Clifton, NS
B6L 1C3
(902) 895-8727
garden.ra[email protected]
New England Wildflower Society
(Seeds can be bought mail order)
180 Hemenway Road,
Framingham, MA 01701
(508) 877-7630
McPhail Woods Nursery
RR # 3
Belfast, PEI C0A 1A0
[email protected]
This is a suggested list of nurseries
that carry native plant material.
We hope one day all nurseries will have
a native plant section
Ask your local nursery to start
carrying native plants.
If the customer demand is there,
the industry will deliver!