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We conclude that all of the above
licity. II. On the Insignificance of Metal-Line Cooling
concepts may apply in nature;
During the Early Stages of Gravitational Collapse,
predominantly “competitive accre-
Astrophysical Journal, 660, 1332
tion”, while “monolithic collapse”
and “stellar mergers” may be more
the exception than the rule.
We also conclude that highmass star formation is not merely
a scaled-up version of low-mass
Kharchenko, N.V., Scholz, R.-D., Piskunov, A.E., Röser,
S., Schilbach, E. (2007): Astrophysical supplements to
the ASCC-2.5: Ia. Radial velocities of 55,000 stars and
mean radial velocities of 516 Galactic open clusters
and associations, Astronomische Nachrichten, 328, 889
star formation with higher accre-
Kitsionas, S. & Whitworth, A.P. (2007): High-resolution
tion rates, but that it is a mecha-
simulations of clump-clump collisions using SPH
nism with its own new elements,
with particle splitting, Monthly Notices of the Royal
Astronomical Society, 378, 507
(radiative acceleration on gas and
dust) causing both a negative
feedback (reduced collapse and
accretion of a massive protostar)
and a positive feedback (pressure induced, enhanced collapse
Klessen, R.S., Spaans, M., Jappsen, A.-K. (2007): The
stellar mass spectrum in warm and dusty gas: deviations from Salpeter in the Galactic centre and in
circumnuclear starburst regions, Monthly Notices of
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and accretion of neighboring low-
Piontek, R.A. & Ostriker, E.C. (2007): Models of Verti-
mass protostars in the HII region
cally Stratified Two-Phase ISM Disks with MRI-Driv-
en Turbulence, Astrophysical Journal, 663, 183
Piskunov, A.E., Kharchenko, N.V., Röser, S., Schilbach,
Fig. 7: The young massive cluster R136 in the Large
Magellanic Cloud (LMC) together with Orion Trapezium cluster and NGC3603 cluster in the top and
bottom corner (to scale, i.e. displaced to the same
distance, here to LMC).
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Ausgewählte Publikationen Selected Publications
spatial resolution mid-infrared observations of the
low-mass young star TW Hydrae, Astronomy & Astro-
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