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Extragalactic Astrophysics
The area of extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology is
astrophysics” is participating in the international develop-
one of the fastest progressing fields in present day astro-
ment of the field with contributions in observational as well
physical research. Its goal is to understand how small inho-
as theoretical astrophysics. In particular, the research area
mogeneities in the early cosmos, manifested in the cosmic
attempts an integrated approach that combines know-how
microwave background radiation as temperature fluctua-
in the area of star formation, interstellar medium, formation
tions at a level of a one hundred thousandth of a degree,
and evolution of galaxies as well as cosmology and large-
lead to the formation of planetary systems, stars, galaxies
scale structure. The mysterious dark matter and dark en-
and galaxy clusters, all embedded in the filamentary struc-
ergy are of particular importance for these investigations.
ture of the cosmic web. The research area “extragalactic