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The emergence of Germany as a new nation-state disrupted the established European political order
after 1870?
Over production of goods was the main factor responsible for causing the Great Depression.
Which country was least affected by the Great Depression? The Soviet Union
Japan, Italy, and Germany shared as aggressive ambition for conquest and empire building in the
In contrast to what transpired during World War I, Germany during World War II was able to conquer
France quickly.
The two alliances that were the main reasons that an assassination in Austria-Hungary could trigger
World War I were the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente.
As a term of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was to accept sole responsibility for causing World
War I.
The new states that had been carved out of the Ottoman Empire were governed as mandates of the
League of Nations after World War I.
Japan claimed the German sphere of influence in China after World War I ended.
The United States became Europe’s main creditor after World War I.
A new consumerism characterized European and American culture in the 1920s.
One of the main appeals to fascists was a sense of nationalism.
As a result of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor the wars in Asia and Europe merged into a single global
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization committed the United States to the defense of Europe against
the Soviet Union after World War II?
The American occupation of Japan after World War II promoted rapid economic growth and
generated economic prosperity.
“He is the Prometheus of mankind….” reflects Hitler’s view of the Aryan as expressed in Mein Kampf.
Hitler identified as a goal of Nazi foreign policy “to secure for the German people the land and soil to
which they are entitled on this earth.” Where was the “land and soil” he had in mind? The Russian
The depiction of Germany as Thor in Visual Source 20.1 suggests that Germany was using the war to
destroy Christian civilization.
The French poster in Visual Source 20.3 portrays the African soldier as a hero.
In Visual Source 20.5, what does Otto Dix’s painting called Prague Street suggest about how
Germany treated its veterans? Veterans were left to fend for themselves.
What nineteenth-century developments contributed to the outbreak of World War I?
 The emergence of Germany and Italy as unified states destabilized the balance of power in
 The system of alliances created obligations among the major European powers.
 The scramble for colonial empires contributed to the culture of competition and tension
between European powers.
 The rise of nationalism fed the flames of war.
How did the actions of Japan, Germany, and Italy in the first half of the 1930s serve as warning signs
of an impending war?
 Japan invaded Manchuria in China and occupied it despite censure from the League of
 Italy invaded Ethiopia.
 Germany rearmed and moved into the Rhineland.
 Japan, Germany, and Italy formed an alliance by 1936–37.