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United States Involvment In World War II
1. The Lend-Lease Act
- allowed for the selling or lending of war
materials to
countries fighting the Axis Powers.
2. Japanese expansion worries America.
3. America prohibits the sale of war materials
Ex. iron, steel and oil
4. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor ( 1941 )
- U.S. naval base in Hawaii
- 2400 people dead
- American ships and war planes are
5. America declares war on Japan
- Germany and Italy declare war on the U.S.
Turning Points In World War II:
Victory in Europe ( 1942 -1945 )
1. From North Africa To Italy
A. German and Italian armies are defeated
at El
Alamein, Egypt.
**IMPORTANCE: access to oil!!
B. In 1943, the Allies crossed the
Mediterranean and
invaded Italy.
C. Mussolini's government collapses and
surrenders unconditionally.
2. Russian Counteroffensive:
A. Russians defeated a Nazi army of
300,000 soldiers
at Stalingrad.
B. Russians drove Nazis from Russia and
pursue them
C. They reach eastern Germany in 1945.
3. Allied Invasion Of France ( D-Day June
06,1944 )
A. American and British forces cross the
Channel and land in Normandy in Northern
B. Establishes a major second front.
C. Allied forces push back the Nazi army
and drive
the Germans from France.
4. Surrender Of Germany
A. British and American forces meet
Russian soldiers
driving in from the east.
B. Hitler commits suicide in an
underground bunker.
C. Germany surrenders unconditionally.