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Opening Speech - Italy
We come from the country of Italy
A land that goes back to antiquity,
The Italian peninsula is shaped like a boot,
And Latin is of many languages a root.
Great poets, like Homer, have come and gone,
Although I certainly don’t claim to be one,
Famous artists and inventors form our heritage,
Our presence has been noticed on the world stage.
But Italians do not live in the past,
No, we’re a people born to last,
A leader in industrial and product design,
Agriculture and tourism doing fine.
So we come to this Model UN conference
When the world situation is quite tense,
Not to declare “how shall we cope?”
But emphasising the importance of hope.
In the committee on Human Rights
Against discrimination we intend to fight
Child soldiers, Kosovo and the death penalty,
Cuba, terrorism and Zimbabwe(e)
Yes, on political one and two
We have resolutions worth looking through
So we wish you well fellow delegates
And look forward to meeting in the debates.