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World History
Study Guide
Directions: Answer each question correctly to receive extra credit points.
1. What 2 countries did Japan invade that broke most of the treaties that
Japan had signed?
Manchuria and China
2. In what Chinese city did the Japanese murder 300,000 people?
3. What 3 countries did Germany take over breaking the Treaty of Versailles
and the Locarno Pact?
Poland, Denmark, Norway, Austria,
Czechoslovakia, the Sudetenland
4. What term refers to giving in to some of the demands of an aggressor in
order to keep the peace? Give an example.
Appeasement: The non aggression pact, the
Sudetenland- the British and the French let
Germany take it, and the Rhineland
5. Identify and explain 2 examples of how Hitler broke the Treaty of
Versailles in his rise to power?
Rebuilt the Army, Navy and Air force, Moved
troops into the Rhineland, Annexed Austria,
6. Identify and explain 3 causes of World War 2.
Problems from WW1-Treaty of Versailles and
the Great Depression
Rise of Dictatorships-Italy, Germany, Soviet
Aggressive Nations- Japan in Manchuria/China,
Italy in Ethiopia/Albania, Germany in Austria
and Czechoslovakia
7. What does “Blitzkrieg” mean? Explain what it is.
Lightning War. German style of fighting which
involved speed and coordination between
tanks and infantry forces.
8. What country signed a nonaggression pact with Germany? Why did they
both sign it?
Soviet Union: It was made to divide up Poland
and also allowed Germany to remain
9. What type of government did Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union have?
10. What 3 countries made up the Axis powers? Who were their leaders?
Germany: Adolf Hitler
Italy: Benito Mussolini
Japan: Hideki Tojo and Hirohito
11. For each battle below, identify who won and why it was important:
Allies won, it began the land invasion in
Battle of Britain: Britain won, Germany failed to
conquer Great Britain
U.S. won, it was the turning point in the
Pacific and 6 months after Pearl Harbor
Allies won, it kept the supply line to
the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. open
Battle of Atlantic:
Soviets won, it was the turning point of
the war in Eastern Europe and civilians weren’t
allowed to leave
December 7, 1941: Japan won, it
got the U.S. to enter the war
Pearl Harbor (Date):
12. What was the Holocaust? What is meant by Hitler’s “Final Solution”?
Holocaust: during the war over 6 million Jews
died in camps
Final Solution: the overall execution of Jews
13. What other groups did the Nazi’s arrest, imprison and exterminate?
The Poles, Slavs, homosexuals, people with
disabilities, and Gypsies
14. Who were the Aryan races that Hitler spoke of?
The ideal pure blood German with blonde hair
and blue eyes
15. What 2 cities did the U.S. drop Atomic bombs on?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
16. What is a Kamikaze? Why did the Japanese use them?
A Suicide pilot for Japan. They had no other
way to win the war and it was an honorable
17. What were the Nuremberg Laws?
They were laws passed that legalized
discrimination against Jews in Germany.
18. What country lost the most military during WWII?
Soviet Union
19. What is propaganda? Give an example of propaganda used by the U.S.
and Japan.
It is information designed to get you to believe
something. (Think the thought and act the act)
U.S.-Portrayed them as monkeys/own words
Japan- Internment camps/Skull
20. Describe a Fascist government.
Italy and Germany were Fascist. Focus on the
good of the state and not the individual.