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Java Chapter 1 Test Review
Explain the difference between hardware and software.
Explain the difference between main memory and secondary memory.
Which one is being used while you are writing a program?
Explain the difference between machine language, high level language,
and fourth generation language.
From the program on p.27, which line represents the main method
What is wrong with the comments on p.30?
Give three examples of legal Java identifiers and three illegal identifiers.
What is the purpose of white space?
How does Java treat white space?
Write the word “computer” in three ways that would sound the same if
read by a human, but would be understood differently by Java.
10. Explain the difference between a compile-time error, a runtime error, and
a logical error. When is each type found?
11. Which of the errors listed in #10 could be called a syntax error? Which
could be called a programmer error?
12. What is wrong with this variable name: theReviewForTheChapter1Test ?
13. When are semicolons to be used?
14. What are two ways to denote a comment? Which can be used for a
comment that spans multiple lines?
15. What can you do to a line of code if you want the computer to “ignore” it
when running your program?
16. List the reserved words used in the program on p.27.