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D square recruits:
We are recruiting a Flex / Java EE developer to join our cross-functional agile development team that is
currently working towards the first release of an innovative data mining application suite for the process
If you
have hands-on experience in Java based development projects;
are willing to switch between server side (Java EE) and client side (Flex) development tasks,
supported by the joined expertise of the team;
are eager to learn new technologies and enthusiastic to share your expertise;
have a structured mind and prefer following software engineering best practices over quick and
dirty ways to get the job done;
are passionate about development;
would like to work in an international development team and you are fluent in English;
are willing to relocate to Belgium if you are currently living abroad;
know how and when to apply design patterns and refactoring;
have experience with xUnit based unit testing;
do not hesitate to contact us for more information!
Hands-on experience with test-driven development and knowledge of EJB 3.0 and JPA / hibernate is an
D square ( is a high tech startup company in the Antwerp region (Belgium) that
contributes to data mining research and applies results to develop commercial offerings for the process
industry. Its current partners include several universities and automation vendors.
As a partner of plant management in the process industry, D square helps to detect, analyze and solve
critical bottlenecks in order to reach and surpass even the most challenging production targets. This is
achieved through the combination of sound business and process insight with innovative and marketleading data-mining know-how.
The job opening is available immediately for a full-time employee. Applicants are expected to be available
within one month. Contact: [email protected], +32 (0) 476 / 78.02.56